1. about

    Loopart13 aim is to bring together a group of artists who are interested in creating a platform for future collaborations. There are no limitations on the media or “theme” because we would like to give opportunities to those who find it difficult to label or classify his/her work. Instead, we are looking for artists who would like to carry on an open conversation and create future, possible projects and collaborations.

    Loopart13 was recently founded by artists Luisa Spina and Patricia Oliveira.

    Luisa Spina

    My practice focuses on the social space that we inhabit, weather it carries with signs of possible transformations or echoes a forgotten past. My approach is often intimate and personal and expresses the attempt to reconnect to the normality of an abnormal life; it reflects different psychological and physical aspects of freedom and restriction in relation to themes such as home, movement and human relations at a personal level as well as in the wider context of a globalized world 

    Patricia Oiliveira

    My practice concentrates on everyday objects and environments, wherein the ordinary content of images explores aesthetic issues in order to bring a different focus of attention within representation.

     Photography captures a fracture in time; its frame limits and concentrates attention. Focusing on objects or details commonly overlooked, the series of photographs that follow on the documents attached investigate the presence of an absence. What is present is the trace of past activities, an attempt to relate the subject captured by the camera with photography’s intrinsic relation with the past.